About Us

Showtime Transportation was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: To offer V.I.P (Very Important People) Auto Transportation Services at a revolutionary price while giving back a share of our profits to empower children of  South Florida and throughout the Caribbean.

At Showtime Transportation we make shipping your car as easy as mailing someone a gift. Our team focuses on building long-term relationships with our V.I.P clients and creating a positive shipping experience from your first quote to the delivery of your vehicle. Speaking of quotes you don’t have to worry about fluctuating prices, once we give you a quote we stick with it. All of our transportation services are priced fairly, with no upfront cost.

Our company values have paved our path to success, that’s why we find it critical to stay mindful of them. We communicate with openness and honesty and as a family business, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. As veterans in the industry, we commit to continuously improving our ability to deliver excellence. Keeping your vehicles secure and delivering them within an agreed-upon time window, and communicating during those unlucky moments when our trucks get stuck in traffic due to unforeseen events.

Have you decided to use our services? If so, we will be happy to welcome you onboard and get you connected with your direct point of contact. Our team is here to serve you if you have any questions please ask us in our chat box or send us an email. .

Our Purpose

Transporting cars for the stars

We are experts in the realm of auto transportation and providing you with V.I.P services.

Our Mission

Showtime Transportation is dedicated to creating a positive shipping experience for our V.I.P clients.

We handle your cars as if they were our own providing secure shipping, timely deliveries, and a direct point of contact to assists you through each step of your journey.

Our Vision

Provide transportation that is simple, secure, and reliable to every client.

We are social people creating a welcoming environment and a positive transportation experience for our clients


We believe in transparency & proactive communication in
every interaction and are mindful of our clients’ needs. We think long-term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.


Always Learning

We have been shipping cars for 18 years and have overcome obstacles that only a veteran could experience.

Committed to Delivering Excellence

We believe it is important to reflect on our involvement when dispatching a vehicle to deliver excellent results. Instead of pointing the finger at problems, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our delivery process and improving our clients’ experience.

Our approach to doing business is to make your life Simple and Enjoyable.

Simplicity means removing unnecessary clutter from our systems and services until all that remains is essential and useful. We remove the confusion and difficult parts to make our services easy to use & client-friendly.

Relationships matter

We view our customers as partners and focus on building long-term relationships. We make it a point to remember that our clients, just like ourselves, are showing up to work every day to give their best, take care of their families, and keep a work-life balance.

Community Involvement

We act on the behalf of our company, and believe in leading by example each day alive is a gift and comes with the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming something more.