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Next, we will follow up with an email and a phone call to go over the shipping preparations and process. Then we will have you electronically sign off on our shipping agreement and begin the process.

Pick up & Delivery

Last, you will receive your car upon delivery, complete an inspection report, and pay the driver.

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Hello V.I.P,

We understand you need your car no matter what city you’re in. We’ve been providing nationwide door-to-door transportation for over 15 years. There is no secret recipe.

As a car enthusiast with over 33 years of experience in transportation. I have helped people from all walks of life, and understand the ups and downs that come with moving to a new city.

We will take care of your car & deliver it quickly at a great price. While providing 5-star customer service. Now allow my team to take it from here, and scroll down for more details.



I’ve known Showtime since 2008. He has been delivering my cars for 12 years. Whenever I am traveling I know who I can depend on to deliver my car safely. Whether it be New York or California.

Shaquille-ONeal, Entrepreneur

I’ve been waiting since freshman year to get a car. Upon my graduation my father finally brought me a car and showtime delivered it quick and in perfect condition. Thank you Showtime!

Alexis Meikle, Delta

I was skeptical at first because the process looked too simple. But my expectation was exceeded. Great communication by Chris, easy payment process, and also my car arrived a day before it was due to arrive. Thank you Showtime! Going forward, I’ll definitely be shipping with you guys!

Mathew Peart, EY
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How do I Pay For Shipping My Car?2021-08-14T22:22:09+00:00

Upon delivery, please pay the driver in either cash or put their full name on a money order and give it directly to them. Not Showtime Transportation.

Is My Vehicle Insured And What Paperwork Can I Expect?2021-08-14T22:26:26+00:00

Yes, your car is insured. Once you sign off electronically and verify that we will be transporting your car. We will send you an email confirming the service we will be providing and direct you to our web page for questions related to the shipping process.

When the driver is within a reasonable distance they will contact the person responsible for handing off your car.

Before the driver loads your car onto the truck, they will examine the car and complete a Bill of Lading and Vehicle Inspection Report. That both of you will sign and receive a copy of.

Once the driver starts getting near your delivery location they will call the point of contact that you have given them for drop-off.

Together they will use their Bill of Landing and Vehicle Inspection Report to reinspect the car upon drop-off. Where the car will likely be a little dirty from being on an open trailer but overall it should be in the same condition that it was picked up in. The driver is trained to transport your car without damaging it, cars rarely get damaged during the transportation process. . For perspective, brand new car dealerships ship most of their cars on open trailer trucks.

If damage does occur, you must report it upon delivery and note it on the Bill of Landing and Vehicle inspection Report. Regardless, you need to pay the carrier the balance owed for the shipment for services provided because nobody can prove the damage occurred upon delivery.
For this reason, you and the driver must sign the inspection report, at the bare minimum you sign the inspection report. Claims cannot be processed by the insurance company if they are not noted at the time of delivery. We recommend always taking photos before pick up and after drop off to support any claims of damages in the rare scenario that they occur.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Vehicle?2021-08-14T23:01:40+00:00

Estimated Delivery Time According to Distance

It is estimated that once your vehicle has been picked up, it can take on average, 1 day of travel for every 500 miles of distance.

Approximate delivery time according to distance:

100-500 miles takes 1 to 2 days

500-1000 miles takes 2 to 3 days

1000-1500 miles takes 3 or 4 days

1500-2000 miles takes 4 or 5 days

2000-2500 miles takes 5 or 6 days

2500-3000 miles takes 6 or 7 days

These numbers are estimates that may vary depending on the length of the trip, weather, and stops the driver must make to make other deliveries.

How Long Will It Take To Pick Up My Vehicle?2021-08-14T23:04:12+00:00

Our shipments usually take 1 to 7 days. Shipments to cities are faster than to more distant or difficult to reach places due to population density and demand. For people in remote areas, they can get their car faster if they are willing to receive the vehicle in a nearby large city.  

How will I get around town, in the time frame that my car is being transported?2021-08-14T23:10:09+00:00

It is best to plan the pickup and delivery of your car at a time that works best for you. It may be difficult to coordinate the timing but you should do what is most convenient for you. Find a friend or family member to help you get around while your car is being delivered. If you have a little extra money, you can use a transportation service such as Uber.

Am I allowed to pack things in my car before shipping it?2021-08-14T23:15:45+00:00

Schedule the transport of your car a week before the shipping date to get a better price. You can ship your car on the day of shipment but keep in mind that it could cost you extra.

Is it best for me to transport my Car in an Open or Enclosed Trailer?2021-05-26T19:29:29+00:00

Over 90%  of all cars that are transported are shipped in an open trailer. Open trailers have been known to be safe and reliable as long as they have been around. Over 70% of dealerships use open trailer trucks to import new cars to their dealerships. When it comes to luxury vehicles or collector’s items, we recommend going with an Enclosed trailer, as they provide a higher level of safety at a price that is about 33%-50% more expensive than the open trailer cost.

How Early In The Shipping Process Should I Set Up My Order ?2021-08-14T17:48:34+00:00

For best pricing schedule your car to be transported one week before your shipping date. You can still ship your car the day of just keep in mind that you will be paying a higher price.